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Affordable Quality Appliances Repair Services in Pretoria East

We have the right tools for the job, in a modern workshop monitored by CCTV, to meet most of your appliance repair requirements.

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About Us

Appliance Repair Pretoria East specialize in repairing most of your domestic appliance needs. The company was established in 1992. Our success is based on a high regard of business ethics. Through quality workmanship at affordable rates, we at Appliance Repair Pretoria East can build lasting relationships with our customers.

Appliances have evolved into sophisticated hi-tech equipment therefore, at Appliance Repair Pretoria East, technicians are required to update their knowledge of the latest technology in the appliance repairs industry on an ongoing basis to provide the best service to the customers.

Appliance Repair Pretoria East endeavours to make use of the old experienced hands in the labour market, thus reintroducing and retraining younger technicians with the long forgotten fundamentals and science of thoroughly testing appliances, prior to jumping to conclusions and misdiagnosis. This being the reason why we prefer to repair off-site.

Working under owner supervision is the most cost effective way of repairing an appliance. Replacement parts (if required) are to hand and an average turn-around time is faster and units are thoroughly tested before being returned.

In a workshop we are able to work on several units simultaneously. This makes our costing very competitive and cupled with a better servicethe customer also benefit financially.

Transport: Vehicles are branded and we schedule routes to suit our customer requirements. On regular routes we don’t charge for collections.



We repair and service the following appliances:

Our Services


Depending on the fault reported by the customer, refrigeration units are tested to replicate the fault reported by the customer. Once the technician encounters the fault a diagnosis is made and the customer is then contacted with a quotation.

Laundry Appliances and Dishwashers

Depending on the reported fault, machines are connected and run until the technician encounters the reported fault. This allows the technician to monitor all the other processes involved during the operation of the appliance.

Microwave Ovens

Repairs and Maintenance done to all Microwave Ovens.

Why Choose US

Fair Pricing

To save you costs and improve repair time of appliances we collect at no extra cost to you. The faulty appliance is evaluated in an equipped workshop where replacements parts are mostly to hand and you are telephoned with a quote before work commences. Jobs are priced on the basis of replacement components, labour and material costs.


We make full use of our qualified and highly experienced technicians in a fully equipped and monitored workshop. We offer great, high-quality products and excellent service. We make use of genuine replacement parts, thus ensuring that our customers’ appliances are returned to our customers in a fully functional condition.

Our Aim

We aim to call at your property at a time and day which is suitable to you. Given the option of on-site repair by a technician or the collect to quote diagnostic done by an in-house engineer. We aim to diagnose and discuss problems / procedure and rectification with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of appiliances do we repair?

We repair, maintain and install all major domestic and commercial appliances.

What brand do we repair?

  • LG
  • Defy
  • Samsung
  • Speedqueen
  • Bosch

Please enquire on other brands

How about On-Site repairs?

On-site repairs are available upon request, but is not advised due to the level of expertise required to repair today’s modern appliances. Primarily an on-site repair will be done by replacing a faulty component and a rudimentary compliance test.
Collect to quote provides our resident technicians the opportunities to bench test the appliance and rectify the cause of the problem. As the technician with his assistant is able to bench test a number of items simultaneously, costs are greatly contained and rarely exceed on-site repairs.
We empower and promote a few sister appliance repair companies, this being the reason we can guarantee our expertise and availability.

Areas we service?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotation is subject to change. Prices quoted on imported products or parts are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. All sundries are excluded on our quotations.
  2. Delivery within four weeks on local products or may be longer on imported products subject to availability.
  3. No responsibility will be taken for work not part of instruction or service done.
  4. All temporary work carried out by Appliance Repairs Pretoria East at any time implies that we are contracted to complete the job. Therefore we undertake to complete such work within 7 days. Another contractor may only be authorised to carry out such work, when we have received a letter from you as customer/client giving permission.
  5. We charge a minimum of (30) thirty minutes per appliance worked on, which does not go through to final repair. Examples of this are: Quote Rejected, Uneconomical to Repair, Parts Obsolete.
  6. Appliances of which the quote was rejected needs to be removed from our premises within 72hours, failure to remove the appliance will result in delivery of the unrepaired appliance. The customer / client will be responsible for the delivery charges.
  7. Guarantee: three months to all electrical goods/parts supplied and fitted by us. 24 Months guarantee on our new products.
  8. Parts guarantee is transferred from Appliance Repairs Pretoria East to the customer upon payment of the invoice.
  9. No guarantee will be granted if your appliance damage is caused by a power failure in your area.
  10. No warrant will be granted if the damage caused by using multi-plug/adaptor on sold, repaired and serviced by us.
  11. Please never switch your appliance OFF and then ON in a period of short space of time, that involves new and old repaired, serviced appliances – it can burn your compressor. If you switch your appliances OFF, please give it about 15 minutes or more then put it ON. If you do not do as explained you will have physical damage on your appliance and no guarantee will be granted.
  12. Repairs under R950-00 will be completed without prior consent of the customer.
  13. We don’t give guarantee to physical or any natural disasters e.g. lighting and etc. that is sold, serviced, repaired and installed appliance by us.
  14. We only give 3 months guarantee on parts that we supplied and fitted.
  15. No guarantee will be granted on your commercial or industrial refrigerators repaired by us, if we do not service it, every three months from date of repair. If not by us, it should be a qualified artisan. NB. Make sure your artisan has papers for qualification.
  16. Provide secured storage for equipment and tools on site.
  17. Vandalism, negligence, standard wear, tear and acts of God.
  18. All electrical works and deviations are excluded from this proposal.
  19. The “standby” electrical / artisan are instructed to do temporary repair in the event of not being able to rectify fault within a reasonable time limit.
  20. Note: under no circumstance many our artisan do private work.
  21. Labour time is calculated from the time electrician receives the call until he completes the repair.
  22. Any complaints not lodged in writing to our office within 48 hours, outgoing job card number, will not be recognised. Such claim will be dealt with by us on its merits and subject to manufacture terms.
  23. Fuel is expensive and we will charge accordingly for a second service call after 48 hours have expired. Same with service contracts, or any serviced electrical goods/product/s/appliance.
  24. Labour time is calculated per hour and a minimum charge of an hour is always applicable, whether 5 minutes or an hour is spent on a job. When assistance is necessary the labour will be additional.
  25. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East does not charge per kilometre, we have a transport cover charge depending on area.
  26. All accounts must be paid within 3 days. The collection fee will be charged in the event of customer/client not having payment made as arranged when you placed a call.
  27. If you (customer/client) refuse or withhold payment, you will be held responsible for any legal action costs for collection of the amount owing.
  28. All items unclaimed after three months will be sold to defray expenses.
  29. Any unclaimed item which poses a health risk will be removed from our premises and costs thereof will be for the customers account.
  30. All your tenants or representatives of buildings, houses or flats etc. requesting a service are personally responsible for the payment of accounts in the event of the owners or agent/agency non-payment.
  31. Chosen method of payment or means of delivery shall be attributable to you as customer/client or your agent/agency.
  32. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East may appropriate your payments in our discretion.
  33. I as a customer/client hereby irrevocably authorising the Appliance Repairs Pretoria East representatives to enter my premises to take possession of my goods without a court order. Labour will still be charged.
  34. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East in no way accepts a liability or responsibility for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused including negligence or recklessness of our servant/s, employee or agent or any other person/s.
  35. I as customer/client authorise Appliance Repairs Pretoria East to do the work at my expense and to replace and supply such parts and materials which may be necessary to complete the work and I as customer/client agree to the scale or charge as details / detailed.
  36. Notwithstanding the risk passed to me on delivery, ownership in all appliance/s/or product/s sold, repaired and installed shall remain vested in Appliance Repairs Pretoria East. Until the full payment has been paid, could it be purchased, repaired or serviced item.
  37. Should you breach any of these standard terms and conditions, or if you are sequestrated, liquidated, or commit any act of insolvency, or permit a judgement taken against you (as a customer/client) to remain, unsatisfied for a period of seven days. There from we shall be entitled forth with and without prejudice to any further rights vested in Appliance Repairs Pretoria East.
  38. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East reserves the right in our sole discretion to vary or amend these terms and conditions from time to time.
  39. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East is not VAT registered.
  40. This contract represents the entire agreement between customer/client and the company.
  41. No amendments variations hereto shall be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed by our directors.
  42. Customer/client shall not cede any of your rights or obligations in terms hereof.
  43. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East shall at any time in our sole discretion, be entitled to cede all or any of our rights in terms hereof. I as customer/client understand and bind myself to the abovementioned contract unconditionally.

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